Building Information Modeling

Our Portfolio

  • Ayto

    Cartagena City Hall, Spain

    Cartagena’s city hall model survey from “as built” files to obtain a BIM model of the building is a result of the city’s joining of the Smart Cities system, based on software usage for real estate assets and maintenance management, both for damage prevention and correction. A BIM model containing the building’s architecture, equipment and installed systems data has thus become indispensable for an efficient management.


  • Teaching facility in Valencia, Spain

    In order to obtain data from this teaching facility consisting of several buildings with different designs, from different time periods and innumerable renovations throughout history, a laser scanner turned out to be the best tool in a 3D environment, combined with the BIM model’s point cloud. These two tools altogether are the most suitable procedure for this facility’s supervision and management with endless possibilities to access all the provided information, depending on the details and needs required by the owners.