Building Information Modeling

What is BIM?

BIM is the acronym for Building Information Modelling, a method which has been long implemented and has consolidated globally in the architecture and construction fields.
BIM offers more possibilities both in design and construction and real estate assets management and exploitation.
BIM is basicallya construction information storage from a given building, distributed into various interconnected information models, manageable through different kinds of software as required.

A BIM model is not just a 3D CAD model. BIM reaches its highest capacity through all the information data associated to each element and the interconnections to each other.

What is Facility Management?

In the business sector, facility management includes both buildings and its services. These are normallydividedintohard and softservices.

Hard services relate to tasks, such as ensuring a building’s air conditioning system functions in an efficient, reliable and safe way, according to legal specifications. On the other hand, soft services include the building’s regular cleaning and contractors’ supervision (e.g. builders, electricians, etc.) among others.

Facility management is similar to property management but that term is used only for large properties or shopping centres which require a more complex management and functioning. This is enabled by advanced data management software.